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About Sara Woods

Woods is a basketball official who is currently working in amateur, collegiate, and semi-pro contests. 

St. Louis, Missouri is where she currently recruits, develops, and mentors prospective and current officials.  She is a goal-driven dedicated professional offering practical and progressive career success at every stage of basketball officiating. 

Woods has achieved the trust and confidence of scouts, assignors, coaches, school administrators, and the community. 

  • Talented in applying referee and program assessment to optimize individual officiating development
  • Passionate about developing opportunities to engage individuals who are looking for a unique way to contribute to their community.
  • Recognized for propelling amateur officials to collegiate and NBA levels through hands-on leadership, aggressive training, and development initiatives.  

“As a referee, my purpose is to provide athletes with the best possible competitive experience.  The fierce competition is a constant reminder that teamwork is essential.  As a crew, we rely on experience, training, and each other to get the call right.  Officiating requires hard work and dedication.  However, being a part of the game while protecting its integrity is rewarding and worth the effort.”

- Sara Woods

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